Why we need you

Do you consider yourself an “A-player” engineer? Have you found yourself the person people reach out to at the companies you’ve worked for? Are you switched on by performance? Scalability? Architecture? Express yourself through the code you write? Is company culture as important to you as the technology?

Well... you may well be who we are looking for! Omise is currently experiencing a period of growth and we need a number of people to help fulfil our technical needs; as well as helping to shape and advance our culture.

What you’ll be doing

Culture is fundamental to our current and future successes. We strongly believe in enabling our engineers to make technical designs and decisions. Who best to recommend what a given platform needs than its creators? Similarly: creating business value according to prioritization given by the business without sacrificing technical quality and vision is something we’d want you believing in.

Another part of our philosophy is “right tool for the right job”. And that is precisely why we won’t be demanding a particular language or skill set in this job spec! What you end up using will largely depend on the project, its KPIs and your own recommendation!


We believe in 2020 the technology space is so varied and changes even more rapidly than before it simply doesn't make sense to demand skills in only a specific language. The reality is at Omise we work in numerous technologies and our engineers' skills grow as the platform does. And who knows what the future holds? As technology develops so do the skills of our team.

As such rather than demanding a given technology we are happy to speak to those candidates that demonstrate fluency in more than one object-orientated language - and those candidates will be very comfortable with the 2020 engineer responsibility to learn-as-you-go.

You’ll be able to give us examples of when you have tested a hypothesis and the data collected changed your original idea. You’ll almost certainly have stories of applications that suffered performance problems and what you did to improve it - and learned best practices as a result. Perhaps you can describe a time you ran into scalability issues and what you did to solve them. How that changed your opinion as an engineer moving forward. Top candidates will be able to describe various self-healing architectures / design decisions they’ve implemented in the past.

Candidates with great experience in working in cross-functional highly collaborative Scrum teams are of definite interest. Particularly those candidates that not only know the various ceremonies but truly understand their value in having the team thinking or behaving in a certain way. Top candidates will understand what we mean by a "top-down" mentality. Can you think of a time you changed your plan because you began to think like a customer / user rather than as a developer?

If this sounds like fun to you and you fit the bill, you’d be most welcome! We are on the verge of doing something big - we want your help and expertise to get there in the best way possible. There’s much to do, much to create (and some to fix!). Get in touch!

Why you’ll love it here

  • Work with other smart, ambitious people who love to learn and grow
  • A beautiful work environment with flexible working hours
  • A health care plan
  • A laptop to work from coffee shops or beaches
  • A friendly bunch of colleagues

What we believe

  • We celebrate individualism
  • Nourish a trust-based working culture
  • Giving our employees the freedom to develop and grow with us

About Omise

  • Founded in 2013, currently 180 people
  • Operational headquarters in Bangkok, with offices in Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia
  • Raised over $45M of funding, from institutional investors including 31 Ventures, Golden Gate Ventures, Global Brain, Ascend Venture Group, East Ventures, Krungsri Finnovate, and more
  • Won Digital Startup of the Year at Digital Thailand Big Bang 2017
  • Won 3 rewards from International Business Magazine Award 2020
    • Most Innovative Electronic Payment Platform for Singapore
    • Most Innovative Seamless Transactions Provider for Singapore
    • Best Payment Solutions Provider in Singapore

Life at Omise

If you like to do things a little different and don’t play by the book - then come a little closer.

At Omise, we celebrate individualism and nourish a trust-based working culture. We give our employees the freedom to develop and we love to see our fellow Omisians grow with us.

We’re on a mission to achieve our goal, “Payment for Everyone”, and are working with some of the greatest minds in the business to achieve it. Growing with us means to get things done, think outside the box and excel in your profession. If this sounds like you, then get in touch today and take the first steps towards life at Omise.

We look forward to getting in touch with you!

Omise embraces diversity and nourishes an open and inclusive work environment. We are home to over 20 nationalities and all decisions to hire, promote or discharge are based on merit, competence, performance, and business needs.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, marital status, age, national origin, ancestry, genetic information, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, or any other applicable legally protected characteristics.